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[rsCRIControlFailedToLoad] The ‘RGraphicsDevice’ extension failed to load the extension assembly



As per some reference available and Solution provided by Chris, I have deleted SSRS.CustomReportItems.dll from the PrivateAssemblies directory and then copied the Microsoft.Consulting.Ssrs.CustomReportItems.dll into that directory, It is not eliminated the rsCRIControlFailedToLoad warning in VS. Is is still showing me same issue.

Finally, I have added both the dll SSRS.CustomReportItems.dll and Microsoft.Consulting.Ssrs.CustomReportItems.dll together but it still now resolved.

Is there any other way to resolve this issue?
Do we need to change .config setting also as per the Microsoft.Consulting.Ssrs.CustomReportItems.dll name change?
Anyone facing this same issue? Does anyone having solution on this?

Thank you Chris for the posted solutions. It helped me a lot to resolved my other configuration issues.

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